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        Erratum to: “Intrinsic Connectivity and Family Dynamics: Striatolimbic Markers of Risk and Resilience in Youth at Familial Risk for Mood Disorders,” by Fischer et al. (Biol Psychiatry Cogn Neurosci Neuroimaging 2022);
        The authors have recognized that it may not have been clear to readers that neuroimaging data were only collected at one time point (during the baseline study visit). During the copyediting process, a single table was split into two tables and new table titles were generated that could be misleading. Therefore, edits have been made to the article to add clarity and to correct the table titles.
        In the Regions of Interest Selection and FC Analyses section of the main text, a new sentence was added to start the first paragraph: “All neuroimaging data were acquired during the baseline session.”
        The titles of Tables 2 and 3 were corrected by deleting the words “Baseline” and “Follow-up,” respectively.
        These edits have been made in the published article.

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